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You Want To Start Drawing Pictures Of Cars? It’s easier Than You Think

You want to try drawing pictures of cars? You can do it, it’s not that complicated. If you are new to drawing cars or even a beginner to drawing, you can have the methods down pretty fast with a little practice. Do not think you can’t do it because you will talk yourself out of it, try it and you will how easy it can be.

Your first step that you must take to sketch a car or Nitrogen RC Cars is get your paper ready. The best thing is to lay out a grid on your paper with 1 inch x 1 inch squares. The purpose in doing this is to help you get all the parts of your car in the correct sizes. You want to lay out this grid lightly so it will be easy to erase later.

For your first sketches, try drawing your car by copying off of a picture. Don’t try to draw from memory, it will make your head spin. Copying a picture will illustrate to you exactly how you should lay out each section. Use your grid to size them up correctly.

Looking at the picture of the car you are copying, whether its black and white or color, you can see that there are dark and light areas from the color of the car and shadows. If you can duplicate this the best you can, you will see how your car will have more depth and dimension.

It can take some practice before your pictures start looking good, that’s ok because most things we do need a little practice to get right. Don’t be disappointed and give up before you get the hang of it because you may be almost there.

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