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What Should I Take on a Camping Trip?


Camping Trip

Camping is undoubtedly one of the best activities that is there to do if you want to relax and unwind this summer. Imagine you without having to worry about school grades, or the service accumulated from work, or with the boss yelling in your ear asking the service to “yesterday”? All this would be good too. Imagine then spend it all and still be camped in a beautiful landscape, or even camping on the beach.

Summer is a great choice for those who want to camp. Pitch the tent and make a good camping is a fun opportunity to join the group, or a romantic stay for two, to enjoy nature and have fun in an open area. And best of all is that the camp is an option that does not weigh in his pocket! Inexpensive and fun.

First you must choose the place you want to camp, first you can search on caravan camping sites, they will help you. A few days out of town ask a beautiful beach, the mountains or a camping club already structured.

Here are some suggestions of what to take to enjoy the camp:

* Basics: Do not forget the basics of camping: tent, mattress, blankets, flashlights, can opener, disposable plates and cutlery.

* Food: Prefer canned or pre-cooked because they are easy to prepare. Avoid bringing non-perishable foods because you never know when they will spoil.

* Swimwear: That will depend on which location you are going camping. If the mountains, beach or camping, the swimsuit may be appropriate to take that bath. Often the bathrooms are collective.

* Sun protection: Blocking and guards are mandatory items in both summer and winter. Sometimes the sun is deceptive and can bring serious burns to his body. Be sure to take a factor of UVA and UVB at least 15.

* Insect Repellent: Absolutely essential for those wishing to camp. Regardless of the chosen place, you should always wear repellent, especially at night.

* Clothing: Do not take a lot of clothes for camp. Take only what you need. In all campsites must be very practical and the best way is to not take a lot of clothes because there is ample room to accommodate you and your clothes.

There are other things that are as essential toiletries (pads, toothpaste, toothbrush, toilet paper, etc.).. That depends on each person and the time you’ll be staying. It’s always good to separate some items in the mail in advance to be sure you did not forget anything.

Also it is always good to separate some items in the mail in advance to be sure you did not forget anything. And for fun, do not forget to take some kind of game, such as boards or cards, to ensure the enjoyment of camping.

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