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What Pet to Choose for Home?

Since the children always love to have pets to have fun and take care of them. So it’s very common for parents to purchase a gift for any animal and make the joy of their children. However, a doubt has arisen on this subject lately, it’s buy what animal, what would be best for the children, some prefer a dog, others opt for other cats and were enchanted by the rabbit. Each has different behaviors and require different care, but all these serve as a distraction for children. Dirt all they do, but each has its usual form in sand cats, dogs make the need in place and learned that rabbits are everywhere because they do not have much capacity for learning.

Caring for a dog is difficult, but it rewards you with great affection and loyalty, dogs are intelligent and loving with their owners, are more cheerful, like to play and be near his master, and also a close friend of the man is also guard who lives in the house serving as a guard dog, so he still remains the preference of most families. The cat is more free, very affectionate and most selfish since come closer to the owner as they are hungry, many are fleeing their homes because they fit easily on the streets, are tricky and some people may be allergic to their hair. Rabbits are quieter, more a wild animal, do not like to stay in the lap of the people is more dirt but not much more than the dog is helpless and does not make noise so it needs a little more attention to its owner.

Dogs need to walk, bathe, feed quality and attention to its owner to have a good and happy life, when puppies can be more mischievous, but with his intelligence are trained and obedient to their owners. The cat just needs the food, often entering into the house and sometimes it may spoil some things since this animal is very curious and has a mania for climbing everywhere, not have as much intelligence as the ability of dog and reacts differently . The rabbit is not educated as the dog is an animal that loves freedom, more fragile because it is helpless, can not get wet as it may appear by fungi in their thus causing a serious disease for the health of your pet, they need food and water as the other two, but that also likes greens and carrots. All they need room to move, not like being stuck in small places and should be careful not to escape.

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