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What is Database?

What is Database?

It is one of the technological terms that a lot of individuals have become familiar to hearing at-work or while browsing the web is the database. The database is utilized to be a technical term, but, with the rise of information technology and computer systems all through our culture, the database has turn into a household term.

Types of Databases

There are a few types of databases; every type of database has its data model. They include; Hierarchical Model, Flat Model, Network Model and Relational Model.

The Flat Model Database

In a flat model, there is a 2 dimensional collection of data. For example, there is one column of info and within this column it is unspecified that every data will be connected to the other. For example, a flat model database comprises only area codes. W/in the database, there will be one column and every new row w/in that one column will be a new area code.

The Hierarchical Database

The hierarchical model database looks like a tree structure, like how Windows organizes files and folders. In a hierarchical database, every upward link is coated in order to keep data arranged in a specific order on a similar level list. For exaple, a hierarchal model database of sales, may list every days sales as a separate file. W/in these coated file are all of the sales for the day.

The Network Model

In a network model, the important feature is that a record is stocked up with a link to other records – in result networked. These networks could be a lot of different kinds of info such as a disk address or node numbers.

The Relational Model

The relational model is the most famous database type and a powerful tool, not only to store info, but also to access it. Relational model databases are arranged as tables. The attractiveness of a table is that the info can be added or accessed w/out re-organizing the tables. A table could have a lot of records and every record can have a lot of fields.

Tables are sometimes identified a relation. For example, a company could have a database identified customer orders, w/in this will be a few different relations or tables all connecting to customer orders. Tables could include customer info (address, name, info, contact, customer number, etc) and other tables such as orders that the client previously purchased. It must be noted that each record in a relational model database has its main key. A main key is a field that simplifies to identify a record.

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