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What are dreams?

What are dreams? and why do they exist?

Dreaming is one thing we all have, whoever he is, always sleeping dreams of something, or at least almost always. It is an unintentional one that shows many symbols and events to us, often consistent with reality, but others can not understand. They are a little confused, is like a movie that goes through our minds, most confusingly, sometimes frighten us and some may give us a very good feeling depending on the place and the people we meet in our dreams. It also happens to the people dream and was so interesting that they want to return in the same dream continuing it, but that is almost never possible, and yet there are people who achieve that rarity.

But what they really represent? Dreams are basically expressions of our unconscious, so he comes up when we sleep, because if we are awake the conscious dominates our mind, and only during rest that our unconscious has the opportunity to express yourself as you want, that is during the sleep. Thus, it becomes a manifestation of our mind that is as influential main subconscious. Thus, many scholars in the field of psychology explain the action of our minds during sleep and say that dreams have meanings, but these are not ordinary books that appear on the meanings of dreams that people create, the meaning of a picture can be different for each person, so dreams of a certain figure not say the same for everyone. So, to know the meaning of our dreams, we have to analyze what each figure, person or place means to us.

The leading scholars very influential in studies of dreams are the father of psychoanalysis, Freud and Carl Gustav Jung. Freud says that dreams are our repressed desires, Jung examines otherwise dividing our conscious mind, unconscious and its archetypes, this subject much studied by psychologists. Thus, besides representing the repressed desires, dreams also report on our self and what is happening to us and we are not giving as much attention. For him, dreams are signs and warnings of what is happening with our inner being, influence and external situations often do not realize what they are doing ourselves, then they are perceived by our subconscious tells us that through dreams, until we solve the situation that is affecting us. For the interpretation of dreams, there are many professionals who specialize in these studies can help us, are psychologists who have studied for this purpose.

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