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Twitter Redesign: New Features Revealed

Twitter is debuting a new design, perhaps because you got to try and if these days are going to upgrade your account, the new Twitter design allows you to have a richer experience because from the same page of Twitter with pictures, videos, maps and other things integrated into the page without having to leave of the Twitter website.

Here’s the official video presentation of the new Twitter.

Another great news from Twitter are the keyboard shortcuts, which means we can do many actions with the keyboard, and are:

To start you press the question mark ? and you will receive help with list of keyboard shortcuts available.

Actions for individual Tweets

* F – bookmark
* R – send a public reply
* T – do Retweet
* M – send a direct message
* N – write a new tweet

Actions to navigation

* J – read next Tweet
* K – read previous Tweet
* Space – go to the bottom of the page
* Shift + space – go to the top of the page
* / – Search
*. – Refresh Tweets

More information on the new Twitter.

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