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Tutorial on creating a personalised 2010 photo calendar using Paint Shop Pro. A great xmas gift

Get the free 2010 templates here : http://www.absolutelyandy.com/calendars/

Looking for a personalized gift this Christmas that will be enjoyed all year?
I will show you how easy it is to create your own personalised photo calendar.
Include images of friends, family, ancestors, or special places on your calendar to remind you of special people or events.
Photo calendars are a very thoughtful unique gift and they last all year.

Please watch the tutorial video first so you can see how quick and easy it really is to make a calendar.

So what do you need to be able to make your own photo calendars?
1) The Calendar templates (these are provided free).
2) Corel/Jasc Paint Shop Pro v7/8/9/10/11/Photo X2 (or any graphics package that supports layers such as Photoshop).
3) 12 images of your choice.
4) A Colour printer
5) Some Matt finish photographic paper (aka high resolution photo paper). I use..
Sumivision Matte Coated Inkjet Paper, this is 128g/m2 and costs just £3 for 100 sheets from a local compueter shop called PCB-Plus at 1 Jubilee Parkway, Derby.

What images can I use with the calendar templates?
I have designed the Calendar templates to be very easy to work with and they are optimized for the most common size of image produced by a digital camera at the time of writing (December 2009). This is a 10 Mega pixel camera which produces an image of 3888 pixels wide by 2592 pixels tall.
You can use ANY image at all with these templates as long at it has a width of at least 1024 pixels across and ideally should have an aspect ratio of 3:2 but this is not that important.
The monthly templates are high resolution 3958 pixels wide x 5545 pixels high so can accept a wide range of photographs, the imported image will be resized to fit inside the frame area on the template so you dont need to worry too much.
They are good enough to print at A3 size if you really want to, if you intend to print A3 then try and use good resolution images to they look nice and sharp.

The images you want to use can be from many sources not just digital cameras.
In the video tutorial you will see I have used all sorts of images from my iPhone 3GS, Canon Ixux 430, Olympus 5050.

How about using old photographs from your family album or your Mum and Dads wedding photographs, University graduation day photos, 50th Birthday party photos.
You are limited only by your imagination, there are so many ideas you can use to personalize your calendar.

The website includes details of how to use Photoshop to make the calendar if you dont have Paint Shop Pro.
Make someones day this Christmas by making a unique personalised photo calendar.

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