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Tutorial – How to Make a Child’s Fishing Game

Last weekend we went on a family outing to see my parents back where I grew up. It’s only a two hour drive but we weren’t setting off until later in the evening when my otherhalf finshed work. I didn’t want my little girl to sleep on the journey and not sleep overnight when we got there so I knew I would need to employ every distraction I had going and a few new ones to keep her awake, so I packed a bag with some sweeties and children’s cd’s and a few books, but I knew I needed some extras. I decided to make her a magnetic fishing kit and a queit book to keep her busy in the back of the car and I’m glad to say … IT WORKED!

They were both so easy to do I thought I’d share them with you. Please bare with me as this is my first ever tutorial and I’m sure I’ve missed bits out! But here it is …

The Funky Fish Tutorial

I still need to put some finishing touches to the quiet book but I’ll put it up within the next week.
If you have a go please let me know … I’d love to see your variations!

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