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Travel by Switzerland

The Switzerland today is a delicious reality. No longer only destination for romantic couples or honeymooners, to make a trip to the extent that plague all over Europe. Everyone enjoyed the country in his way, but all are fascinated by the beauty of the landscapes framed by the Alps, with lovely lakes, medieval cities, the great museums, castles, ski resorts and numerous climate cosmopolitan cities like Zurich . Otherwise, the Swiss transport system is also takes off his hat. There is an impressive network of 20,000 km of rail, buses and boats that connect all 26 songs that make up the nation. To facilitate movement, swiss pass the card solves the problem, since it is accepted in all modes of transportation. The pass makes the trip much faster and more economically.

There is a good time Zurich, Zurich emerged as one of Europe’s most stylish places. He lives well, eats well, no art better quality, a growing alternative scene and bohemian at the right dose, everything just right without losing that way, the way of being Swiss. The capital offers a mix únicade attractions are over 50 musseus and 100 art galleries. Taking a train from the airport takes 15 minutes to the central station of the city. On its face, the visitor arrives at the oldest part and tourism. A few steps away the Bahnhosftrsse, street fashion and designer labels. It’s worth staying dating the windows and go to the confectionery Sprüngli. This is a boutique recheadasde sugary macarons, truffles, chocolate bars and sweets of all flavors and tamnhos that stir the senses. Following towards the banks of the Rio Limpat, where the church Fraumünster appears in the landscape.

Being prostetante, its interior is sober and undecorated, grace lies with the stained glass signed by MRAC Chacgall and Augusto Giacometti. across the bridge Münsterbrücke leads to the other side where the Cathedral Grossmünster. You can climb on top of the tower to get a full view. One block away is the Kunsthaus art museum, which houses works by Alberto Giacometti Swiss, Flemish paintings, arts and 20th century works by Picasso, Cezanne and Monet. Van Gogh also has a special place in the collection.

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