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Top 7 Job Interview Tips

A job interview is not just about answering a dozen questions or pray that your resume is accepted. Those 40 minutes, sometimes say a lot more about you than a sheet of paper full of data (your resume). If many professionals, employees already have doubts about the correct way to act in a meeting or even trivial to maintain contacts with their superiors and coworkers, imagine when you are the subject of an interview. The business etiquette emerged to give you strength in these moments of doubt. Mastering technical area is not the only relevant factor for professional success.

Let the tips:

– Never be late: Cause bad impression, lack of commitment and education.

– Never Speak ill of the previous company: This can be negative if someone knows the company or someone else there, and once it is within the new company, will always find that you also tell this evil.

– Never garnish your resume: Puppies, Birds, Butterflies make up the daily curriculum serves only to show their professional skills, be creative and demonstrate during the conversation that has personality during the interview.

– Never talk about another subject, during the interview focus on issues that lead will understand your desire to work or show your professional profile and personal aligned with the goal of vacancies. Saying that makes kites on the weekend as a hobby is irrelevant and may even be negative, read books, study, travel is more beneficial to their culture and professionalism.

– Always talk smiling: Be honest and smile, nobody likes to talk a statue for almost 40 minutes.

– Always speak the truth: if you do not know something, do not invent, speak do not know or have never seen the person will realize his honesty, after all no one in this world knows about everything. But show who wants to learn about something that has not had the opportunity to have worked with before.

– Always thank: even if the interview has not been good, always thank the opportunity to be there, it shows that although this time we are not able to open arms waiting for another job, who knows.

But do not stop there. The image is and always will be your business card. So when battling a job, leave home in the colorful clothes, transparent and low-cut, tight skirts, the large, heavy jewelry, that pink suit, the old and worn out shoes.

Another factor that is directly related to your image at the time of the interview is communication. No use being very well dressed, walk properly, greet people properly, if at the time of exposing his ideas in the interview, only hears verb agreement errors, slang, jokes in bad taste, constant interruptions to brag (finding that enrich their resume…) etc.

So you will feel safer the next time you come across an interesting job opportunity.

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