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The Importance of Salad in your Diet

During meals a day, much of the population forgets or simply relieve the salads, in which we exchanged the usual vegetables without the meat and pasta if you want to feel the absence of these important foods for our body. It is a common habit in many places and countries, each country has its feeding habits and different varieties on the menu. However, nutritionists warn that eating vegetables are essential for the proper functioning of our body, and we do a lot wrong with them away from our meals, for a dish with various colors of food is always healthy, and salads collaborate with it.

Among its many benefits, they are mainly weight loss, since the vegetables and salads have a small amount of calories and thus are very suitable for people who need to diet, and obviously be very nutritious and have the materials needed to body. They consist of vitamins, minerals and fiber that are essential for the body and promote the smooth functioning of it. They are very suitable for the seasons like summer because it has enough water and also helps hydrate your body at the time of heat. They are easily digested by the body, thus avoiding the heavy feeling in the stomach or indigestion, so foods are considered mild and can be great options for nighttime. They are also practical and easy to prepare, so in minutes you can prepare a dish beautiful, colorful, with different textures and hearty, which is great for our body.

With such a variety of salad, it is impossible not to have any that pleases the most demanding tastes and habits. Salads can be combined with chicken, tuna, potato, mayonnaise, and their own vegetables in them. So it gets a little less “light”, but also has its benefits and get a nice flavor even more, becoming a very rich meal for our body and which can be as tasty as other foods, so most of children who do not like salads will like and eat better. If you prefer you can also eat in salads sauces to give an even more special feel to it and there are several sauces that can be combined with other seasonings, this option depends on your taste and also dispenses with the idea that foods are salads “light”.

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