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Texts for Wedding Invitations

The wedding invitation is one of the first items to be chosen by the couple. The styles range from traditional invitation, stripped and even environmentally friendly. Several details can customize the invitation and let you creative and elegant. But which texts should write on the wedding invitations?

According to the color and model of the invitation, the guests will know what the profile of marriage and even the personality and style of the couple, with a different shape or color, and text more or less formal.

The data and the order can vary, but can not miss the date, time, address and a phone number for confirmation of attendance, if a request of the couple. The message of invitation should convey the feeling of the couple said in announcing the link, may be a phrase, a verse, a poem or a text that is part of life and personality of the couple.

All texts should still have a little card attached with the grooms name, date and name of the Buffet to be held in the party if this programming. Or, a small card with the information store or site where they can be bought gifts for the newlyweds.

The text of the wedding invitations should be written in the third person singular. Getting the message of marriage with the name of the hosts of the party or the names of the parents of the couple follow the tradition. Outside, the texts more traditional deserve to have the names of guests written by a calligrapher, because this detail makes the difference in the final presentation.

Most graphical models already have standard texts to facilitate their decision. Keep the ground rules for your guests to understand the time, date and address where your wedding will take place and make sure the spelling is correct. How many couples have done lately, you may give a special and unique touch to your invitation with love sentences or snippets of a very special song.

Phrasing ideas that can be used:

“To divide and love, from now until the end of our lives!”

“Our life together begins this day!”

“The dream of uniting our lives will be held this day!”

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