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Teresa Teng

Teresa Teng, this is the name of one of China’s most famous singers in Asia. Born in January 1953, and died in May 1995 to 42 years old, was very successful in the 1980s across the continent, specifically in China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. According to polls, Teresa Teng is the seventh best-remembered singer who won the Asian audience in the eighties, his songs are very famous and his name is well known by most people in those countries. He recorded songs in different languages such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Indonesian and English.

Born in China, with a hard life, Teresa Teng helped his family financially precarious situations that passed in the sixties, and began his singing career. He left the school she attended to firmly follow the career of singer. In 1968, Teresa Teng attended a music program, which led to fame awaking the interest of several record printed labels for beginner singer and has released several albums as well. Was very successful in Japan and launched in 1973, and participated in programs and the Japanese most famous song that marked his fame in Japan was called the “airport”. After that, his fame spread to Malaysia and Indonesia, after his work done in these countries, the singer decided to return to Japan in 1984 when he launched his most well known and appreciated by all. Almost in the nineties, in 1989 Tirzah Teng went to Paris where he played for the West.

Teresa Teng is currently only remembered with admiration by his fans, died in 1995 because of a serious asthma attack in Thailand, today many fans visit the cemetery Chin Pao San where he is buried the body of the singer and her house acquired in 1986 in Hong Kong. To have an idea of how much was importate singer in Asia in 2002 was a wax sculpture of the singer and was shown at the museum in Hong Kong. In 2007 was produced a film that tells the life story of singer so famous, Teresa was played by actress Yoshino Kimura, the film was made with the help of the brother of the singer who reported the life of his sister for the production of the film .

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