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See how to use the feature ‘directions’ on Google Maps

One of the most used systems of maps via the web or mobile devices, Google Maps has a plethora of features that most of the users are unaware of. Therefore, I decided TechTudo help unravel the service, showing you step by step how to use the “directions” in Google Maps.

One of the most used options, functionality allows users to see the shortest routes for your trip, allowing it to change the route by dragging the line that defines the path to another street or road. Additionally, the feature allows the user to know the distance to be traveled and estimated time of travel. The user can also print the map with the route, a resource that becomes an excellent alternative for those who do not own a smartphone or tablet.

Step 1. Go to Google Maps;

Step 2. Click on “Directions”.

Step 3. Fill out the information from point “A” and “B”. If necessary add one or more points to the route, click the “Add destination”. As the address is being typed, Google Maps tries to predict the fate and suggest some options. To select, simply click on one of them.

Step 4. If there is more than one possible path, the service will suggest alternate routes that can be viewed and selected the option “suggested paths.”

Step 5. If you want or need, you can drag the blue line drawn on the map to a different street, which will make Google Maps to automatically change all the way.

Step 6. To print the map, just click on the printer icon located next to “My Places”. On the page that is loaded, the user can choose whether you want to print information only path or also if you want to print the map image.

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