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School-Family Relationship

Nowadays there is a need for the school to be in perfect harmony with the family. The school is an institution that complements the family together and become nice places for living for our children and students. The school should not live without family nor the family should live without school. One depends on the other in an attempt to reach the ultimate goal, which is the best future for the son and student, and automatically for the whole society.

One point that makes the biggest difference in the outcomes of education in schools is the proximity of the parents in the daily effort of the teachers. Unfortunately, few schools can boast of having closer ties with parents, or perform some actions in this regard. However, these concrete actions, aimed at attracting parents to school can be a great outlet for better training students within the standards expected of studies and in the sense of citizenship.

Currently, parents should be increasingly attentive to the children, what they say, what they do, their attitudes and behaviors. And, although it is difficult, the school must also be attentive. They communicate with us in several ways: through his absence, his rebellion, his removal, withdrawal, crying silently. Other times, cry, angry by little, leaks, poor grades in school, changes in the way you dress, gestures and attitudes. Parents should understand their children. Often, through behavior, are wanting to say something to the parents. And these, in the rush of day-to-day, nor pay attention to those small details.
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Sometimes young people are trying to help and even thinking lately that his son is “weird”, many parents consider this as normal “teenage thing” going through is just a phase. It should be noted these signs. They can say a lot of problems that need to be solved, such as inadequacy, difficulties in the disciplines, with peers, with teachers, and other causes.

Then enter the partnership family/school. A frank conversation between teachers and parents in meeting simple, organized, where parents are allowed to speak and express their views on all matters will be of great value in an attempt to better understand their children / students. The construction of this partnership should leave teachers in order, with the proximity of parents in the school, the family is increasingly prepared to help their children. Many families feel powerless to receive at his hands the problems of their children that are passed by the teachers, are not ready for that.

It takes a great awareness for everyone to feel involved in the process of constantly educating children. It is the whole society is responsible for the education of these young people, this new generation.

Children and young people need to feel they belong to a family. It is known that the family is the basis for any being here refers not only blood family, but also families built through bonds of affection. Family, in the broadest sense, is a group of persons united by a desire to be together, to build something and they complement. It is through these relationships that people can become more human, learning to live the game affectivity more adequately.

Realizes that much has been transferred from family to school functions which were families: sex education, policy definition, religious training, among others. With this school vai abandoning its focus, and the family loses function. In addition, the school should not only be a place of learning but also a field of action in which there is continuity of affective life. The school functions as backyard can play the role of partner in the formation of an individual whole and healthy. Is the school should be aware about the problems of the planet: environmental destruction, devaluation of economically disadvantaged groups, etc..

At school should talk about friendship, about the importance of the social group, affective issues and respect for others.

Reinforcement here the need to study the relation between family/school where the educator strives to consider the learner, not losing sight of the whole person, realizing that the young man when he entered the school system, it is nonetheless son brother, friend, etc..
The need to build a relationship between school and family, should be to plan, establish minimum commitments and agreements to which the student/child has a quality education both at home and at school.

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