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PSP Emulator for Windows, Linux and Mac

A long time ago I wrote about PSP emulator for iPhone but I had not found one for PC that working well, and now thanks to Conecti.ca I found Jpcsp an excellent emulator for PSP (PlayStation Portable) Jpcsp is the first emulator written in Java as platform that makes it works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, is also set so that if you have a computer over more than one core, Jpcsp can take best advantage of this architecture for a very good performance in your computer.

Jpcsp - PSP Emulator For PC

Jpcsp - PSP Emulator For PC

As for the minimum requirements your computer must have to enjoy the games are a dual-core processor, although a Pentium 4 or higher type works well, and a video card with OpenGL and 2 GB of RAM .

Jpcsp currently supports over 120 games, some of them are: Naruto Shippuden, Crisis Core, F1 2009, Tales of Destiny, Star Ocean, Street Fighter, Monster Hunter, Dragon Ball Z, Mega Man, and many more that can be found here.

Here’s a video that shows you how to configure and play Final Fantasy in the emulator JPCSP:

Link to download JPCSP

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