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Vocabulary of SEO for beginners

Often when we are asked where we work, we say we do SEO. At other times we stopped to explain in detail what we do: “It means Search Engine Optimization which is nothing more than trying to position sites in the first few results on Google search.”

That’s why when talking to so many people who completely ignore what is SEO, decided to create a list of 5 of the vocabulary of SEO that everyone should know that not even work in this area.

5 SEO Terms of vocabulary that everyone should know:

  1. SEO & SEM. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the marketing of their products and/or services through search engines, based mainly on organic search results or paid. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is optimizing websites to obtain top positions in search engines.
  2. SERP. Is the acronym for Search Engine Results Page, which are nothing more that appear on the results page after search engine to indicate what should be sought.
  3. Backlinks Also known as inbounds links, ie, all external links that redirect to your site. SEO is very common to hear of portfolios backlinks, which is a report comprising all the links you have from other sites. It is very important that this portfolio of backlinks has links to several promising us good positions in the rankings.
  4. XML Sitemap. An XML sitemap is a file or a site map that should be accessible to users and robots tracking working for the search engines. Through the sitemap, robots can review all content.
  5. Canonization. According to Matt Cutts said (head of Google Webspam) this word is nothing more than “The process of choosing the best URL when there are several options.” Include canonical tags is a good way to avoid being penalized for having duplicate content.

These five first terms one can say that are the most basic. However we do not want to leave to take this article to talk about others you’ve probably heard more than once.

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How to Compliment a Woman: Only 3 steps

Woman loves to be praised and pampered, but everything on time and in opportune moments to do this. And that is why we are writing this article, for several men who think it is only praise her that everything will be fine and she’ll be in love with you. To compliment a woman’s need all the logistics, a right time, a compliment right, everything is too important time to compliment a woman. So, read our article we will spend a few hints and tips so you can compliment a woman in a different way and make her feel even more special. Women are unique beings and deserve to be treated such. Understand what ever will be a great start to any praise.

  1.  Cheers much more specific please. No need to praise her all the time if you think she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Say it in suitable places and moments. Preferably looking in her eye. It will be much more real and the chances of it actually believe that you think that are much larger.
  2. Looking praise always different. Escape the samenesses ever compliment and try something different about her. It may be the most obvious, but seek a more interesting way to praise her. That makes all the difference when trying to please a woman.
  3. Avoid constant praise. Another thing that many men end up sinning is time to compliment a woman constantly. They love to know that they are beautiful. But do not say it every five minutes. Praise them all the time may seem fake and they do not like that much more of your compliments.

These are some tips for you to know a woman compliment. How could see, tips are pretty simple, but they are difficult to put into practice. The gana want to enchant a woman can end up hindering you. Therefore, always be calm and not try to rush anything. We also recommend that you read our other article “How to conquer a woman’s heart?


How to succeed with your videos on Youtube?

I am sure you know that any success “sprung” on Youtube. The recent “PSY GANGNAM STYLE” for example .It’s amazing that something so simple is highly spoken throughout the world, but how is this possible?

Practically every day appear new channels on Youtube. Analyze many of them closely and I can guarantee you one thing, if you are wanting to create a channel with videos seriously serious, quit immediately. It is very clear from the number of views, the videos/channels that are successful from those who are not actually provide serious information, unfortunately.

I know very well prepared channels wonderful that they should have at least 1 million views on each level of the video content provided, but it is not what happens. Must be clear that the site Youtube is a site visited mostly by young people who are looking for something to entertain them.

But what will be by far the issue? What makes a channel succeed?

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Top 7 Job Interview Tips

A job interview is not just about answering a dozen questions or pray that your resume is accepted. Those 40 minutes, sometimes say a lot more about you than a sheet of paper full of data (your resume). If many professionals, employees already have doubts about the correct way to act in a meeting or even trivial to maintain contacts with their superiors and coworkers, imagine when you are the subject of an interview. The business etiquette emerged to give you strength in these moments of doubt. Mastering technical area is not the only relevant factor for professional success.

Let the tips:

– Never be late: Cause bad impression, lack of commitment and education.

– Never Speak ill of the previous company: This can be negative if someone knows the company or someone else there, and once it is within the new company, will always find that you also tell this evil.

– Never garnish your resume: Puppies, Birds, Butterflies make up the daily curriculum serves only to show their professional skills, be creative and demonstrate during the conversation that has personality during the interview.

– Never talk about another subject, during the interview focus on issues that lead will understand your desire to work or show your professional profile and personal aligned with the goal of vacancies. Saying that makes kites on the weekend as a hobby is irrelevant and may even be negative, read books, study, travel is more beneficial to their culture and professionalism.

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School-Family Relationship

Nowadays there is a need for the school to be in perfect harmony with the family. The school is an institution that complements the family together and become nice places for living for our children and students. The school should not live without family nor the family should live without school. One depends on the other in an attempt to reach the ultimate goal, which is the best future for the son and student, and automatically for the whole society.

One point that makes the biggest difference in the outcomes of education in schools is the proximity of the parents in the daily effort of the teachers. Unfortunately, few schools can boast of having closer ties with parents, or perform some actions in this regard. However, these concrete actions, aimed at attracting parents to school can be a great outlet for better training students within the standards expected of studies and in the sense of citizenship.

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