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jQuery.carouFredSel a script to generate an endless carousel with jQuery

jQuery.carouFredSel is a jQuery plugin that allows you to convert any HTML element in an endless carousel, similar to that used in the home page of this blog, the carousel can be rotated and horizaontalmente vertical elements, this can be done automatically or press a button or press any key, of course that you can configure.

Main features of jQuery.carouFredSel:

  • You can scroll vertically or horizontally
  • You can slide one or multiple elements simultaneously
  • You can drag items automatically or through user interaction
  • You can add or remove elements dynamically Carousel
  • Supports elements with variable width or height includes paging you can use with the keyboard
  • It supports almost all types Lightbox jQuery plugins
  • You have several options you can customize

View a sample carousel demonstration here.

The plugin is open source jQuery.carouFredSel cn MIT license, which means that you can use in any project whether commercial or not without restrictions.

link to download JQuery.carouFredSel.

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