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How to Turn Google Translate Into a Beatbox Machine

Google Translate, the famous translator of Google, for some time now has an option that lets you convert text to speech from a speaker icon that appears under the case of translation and the translated text, but only for some languages, as well , from here all is normal, but someone had to do something different with this property that could have convert Google Translate to a Beatbox Machine.

The Beatboxing is the ability to imitate sounds with your mouth (mainly instruments and drum machines), but also used as a cushion rhythmic of improvised rap on the street.

However to implement this trick here are the simple steps.

1. Sign in to Google Translate and chooses as language from German to German, with other languages you do not get the same rhythm.
2. Now in the translation box writes: pv pv pv zk zk zk kz zk pv pv pv pv pv zk zk zk PZK PZK pvzkpkzvpvzk BSCH kkkkkk
3. Click the Listen button beneath the translation box and enjoy the rhythm.

You can also try going directly here. You can create your own rhythms, as this is just one example, I leave a video where you can see better how this is done.

The Hacker News has published a guide to tools to Beatboxing with Google Translate:

zk = Suspended cymbal
bschk = snare
pv = brush
bk = bass
tk = flam1
vk = roll tap
kt = flam2
kttp = flam tap
krp = hi hat tap
pv = short roll
hi hat th = Better
thp, ds = Instant rimshot.

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