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How to Travel Around The World Without Leaving Home

The technology is fantastic, allows us to things that not long ago had not even imagined. Google Street View is a technology that is part of Google Maps and allows you to stroll through a place in several locations in the world like a tourist, letting you know a street, a tourist or a zoo as if there . Through Google Street View you will have a 360 degree view and can go forward, backward, or any other direction, the will. We gather here several sights for you to experience this trip with no money and without leaving home. Come on! it just click on the links.

Tip: To walk through just click the arrows on the yellow or white on the ground and to see what is above, below and side click the left mouse button and drag.

For your convenience links will open in a new window….

Eiffel Tower (Paris, France)

Torre Eiffel

Times Square (New York, United States)

Times Square

Big Ben (London, England)

Big Ben

Colosseum (Rome, Italy)


Beverly Hills (California, United States) – The neighborhood is home to the famous

Beverly Hills

San Diego Zoo (California, United States)

Zoológico Google Maps

Broadway (New York, United States)

Brodway, Nova York, Estados Unidos

Residential streets of Tokyo, Japan – How are tight.

Tokyo, Japão

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