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How to succeed with your videos on Youtube?

I am sure you know that any success “sprung” on Youtube. The recent “PSY GANGNAM STYLE” for example .It’s amazing that something so simple is highly spoken throughout the world, but how is this possible?

Practically every day appear new channels on Youtube. Analyze many of them closely and I can guarantee you one thing, if you are wanting to create a channel with videos seriously serious, quit immediately. It is very clear from the number of views, the videos/channels that are successful from those who are not actually provide serious information, unfortunately.

I know very well prepared channels wonderful that they should have at least 1 million views on each level of the video content provided, but it is not what happens. Must be clear that the site Youtube is a site visited mostly by young people who are looking for something to entertain them.

But what will be by far the issue? What makes a channel succeed?

I realize that every channel that involves humor in your videos is well accepted by netizens, preferably short videos. No surfer wants to watch anything that has more than 10 minutes.

Channels that are willing to give tips and teach you how to do this or that, are also well accepted since prezem not only by the quality of the video as the content.

Youtube is an excellent option to increase the visibility of your company/business, even better than some social networks like Facebook or Twitter, but want to join this before, analyze if there is already some material similar to what you are interested in exhibiting, and if this is well accepted or not.

Another factor that is important and that few pay attention is that you should follow your channel, answer all the comments and messages sent to you, so their “subscribers” will give value to your care and attention.

Keep sending in a frequency videos in channels that are successful send at least one video every week on the same day/time.

To live up to my theory, I cite here some of the most watched channels on YouTube, so you can feel a little alone and analyze what actually makes success:

  • Epic Meal Time – http://www.youtube.com/epicmealtime (+ than 460,498,969 views!)
  • FPS Russia – http://www.youtube.com/fpsrussia (+ than 477,305,676 views!)
  • iJustine – http://www.youtube.com/iJustine (+ than 259,466,977 views!)
  • Annoying Orange – http://www.youtube.com/realannoyingorange (+ of 1,380,277,822 views!)
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