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How to Save Battery of Android Phones With Super Power

So far all the smartphones on the market use a lot of battery and still no cell batteries last long enough to avoid having to charge your phone every day, so while we get the extended battery the only thing remains to be done to users is optimized for better performance.

There is an app for Android phones called SuperPower, which allows you to control different aspects of the system as data from the cellular network, WiFi, Bluetooth, CPU speed and much more, but it is one that attracts the attention that lets you save battery.

Super Power aims to save battery life by controlling various components and functions of your device and disable Bluetooth, cellular data network and other areas at certain times that you define.

The application is now in Beta so it is not yet available in the Android Market, so if you want to download it from AppBrain.

Link to download SuperPower for Android.

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