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How to optimize the battery of your Laptop with Battery Eater

The battery is one of the fundamental parts of a portable computer (Laptop) and the majority of us we have realized of which the duration of the battery almost never is the same that the manufacturer of the computer affirms to have, for example although they mention 6:04 hours, practically only have 3 hours. Therefore, always is good to do analysis to your computer portable, so that you know what is the real duration of the battery, for that we have Battery Eater that is a gratuitous tool that allows you to prove the yield of your battery.

Battery Eater is a test tool that has the purpose of revealing the potential of a portable battery. Battery Eater can measure the time that lasts the battery when you are using a program like the notepad of Windows (when all the options of energy saving are deshabilitadas) or under conditions near the fully factored load of work (classic way). Link to download Battery Eater.

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