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How to hide program in the Windows taskbar

The Windows taskbar, for those who do not know, is the bottom bar where aberitas windows appear in Windows, is the space between the start menu and the clock, but not always a good idea to have programs there that we have open for these cases we have an application called NCS WinVisible that making invisible programs on the taskbar.

NCS WinVisible is a free tool that lets you hide any running application from the Windows 7 taskbar. This application helps to increase your privacy by hiding certain applications of the taskbar and you can re-display applications by pressing a key combination that you can define.

When you open WinVisible, is a list of all open applications and you can select the applications that need to be hidden. No doubt this is very useful for those that want to work or school and run prohibited programs without their boss to know easily.

Link to download NCS WinVisible.

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