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How to downgrade Windows 7 Enterprise to Ultimate, Professional or Home

If for some reason you have installed on your computer Windows 7 Enterprise and less need another version more user friendly as Windows 7 Professional or Home Premium with Windows 7 Downgrader which is a small program with a single click allows you to make a downgrade (to change to a lower version) of Windows 7 edition.

While it is very easy to change the version of Windows 7 to a higher version is not as easy to downgrade, so far the only solution was to do a clean install of Windows 7 (what it means to reformat the drive hard core) which is not very convenient. Is where Windows 7 Downgrader is very useful because it is not necessary to format.

It is a tool that requires no installation, is easy to use, because you can just run the program in Windows 7 Enterprise Edition and select the version you want to go back then you will be asked to insert the Windows installation disc, select “Upgrade” and drop from Windows 7 version you have selected.

Link to download Windows 7 Downgrader.

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