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How to change your desktop background (Wallpaper) in Windows 7 Starter

Windows Vista Starter is the cheapest version of Windows 7 that comes installed on many computers Netbook and very low cost if you are the owner of a PC with Windows 7 Starter you may have noticed that it has many limitations, one of them is not You can change the wallpaper (desktop background image), I always appeared to us absurd to have this limitation and so I bring a solution called Starter Wallpaper Changer.

Starter Wallpaper Changer is an unofficial tool to change the wallpaper of Windows 7, is very easy to use, you only have to open the program, click Browse to find a picture and Press A on the Apply button.

Look for new wallpapers in Wallpapers HD and wallpapers from Windows 7, and finally if you want to restore the original image just press the Restore button.

Starter link to download Wallpaper Changer

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