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How to Build a Custom Phone Car Mount for Under $10

Today, overpriced phone car mount are almost always disappointing and made with materials of low quality and poor fit with the unit. This cheap (only $10) practical support to make it small, robust and will fit perfectly on your mobile.

The reader Robbie Khan, of Lifehacker, was tired of his old and lame support for mobile. He was big guy, did not hold the phone well, and the Mount was not very good. Its inexpensive and clever solution was to create its own support materials with better and cheaper. You can create your personal gps tracker. He bought a universal support for Garmin GPS with the support base for the corresponding cell and a hardcover cheapie custom cases for your phone. If you never had a Garmin GPS, the support that they include in the box is sturdy and solid, thanks to the design of the lock-shaped lever on the base of the sucker, he has a great stabilizing power. Then, he used glue to glass car to fix the base of support in case the phone and ended with a super thin and stable case which worked like a glove.

And you? Is there any process easy and cheap to make at home, but that works well – either on mobile or otherwise – to share? Tell us all in the comments.

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