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How to Avoid a Hangover

Many people exaggerate when alcohol suffer from this terrible hangover the next day, because it gives up the body to deal with an excess of alcohol itself, it suffers changes after a person has ingested certain beverages, and that time occurs occasionally from one day to another, thus giving the impression of having been beaten instead of taking a drop.

Some experts say that binge takes place after the seventh dose of alcohol for men, and after the fifth dose for women, but that this estimate of intoxication is only a sense based on surveys of people who have the habit of drink alcohol, and this amount varies with the time that the person has ingested alcohol, according to the percentage of alcohol contained in the beverage in question, ranging from beer, wisk, vodka, among other drinks that have an alcohol content higher or lower compared to other beverages. You can only buy wine, because studies show wine is heart healthy.

In order to avoid a hangover, the nominee is not drunk, and to make this possible, is needed before starting to drink alcohol, eat well and drink plenty of fluids also free of alcohol, preferably water or natural juices, and always look for something to eat while drinking, because this will give the stomach more strength and energy to contain the amount of alcohol sent to the liver, and also not to exaggerate in any way and mix alcoholic beverages, so that the amount of alcohol content will be adding and worsening the situation of the person, for example, when mixing beer that has an average of 5% alcohol in its composition, along with the wine which contains about 14% alcohol in its composition, then we will have 19% alcohol running through your veins amid the blood, which causes hallucinations, intoxication, and certainly a very strong hangover the next day.

There is no medication or any food that diminishes a hangover after a binge, the only way to lessen this feeling bad after a little exaggerated in the drink the previous day’s food is light things and eat a lot of water so that the liver can work properly.

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