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How to airwalk, moonwalk, sideglide and popping tutorial

A tutorial covering some slides and poppin’ tips. Hopefully this helps; covered as much as i could. Enjoy and Goodluck msg me if have any questions www.myspace.com/urbanfashion BTW: This tutorial is intended for people that have an interest in popping/gliding etc…if you have no interest in learning…then peace out! If you do; enjoy learn and have fun.BEATROCKERS Facebook: [email protected] Subscribe to Beatrockers Crew Member YouTube pages for more clips, footage, tutorials, & blogs www.youtube.com/remedyflexflav (Bboy Remedy) www.youtube.com/MuzicSoulRhythm (Shawn Phan) www.youtube.com/BigDeezy21 (Dz) FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: Email: [email protected] (Shawn aka. MuzicsoulRhythm) Email: [email protected] (Joe aka. Bboy Remedy) SHAWN PHANS BLOG: UPDATES, THOUGHTS, VIDEOS, TUTORIALS, & KNOWLEDGE! www.shawnphan.blogspot.com -SUBSCRIBE TO GET UPDATED ON ALL NEW DANCE TUTORIALS, MOVE OF THE DAY, FOOTAGE, PERFORMANCES, AND KNOWLEDGE! -RATE (5) STARS IF YOU LOVE IT/(1) STAR IF YA HATE IT COMMENT! THE FEEDBACK OF THE COMMUNITY IS VERY IMPORTANT TO US! WE MAKE THESE VIDEOS FOR ALL THE DANCERS, STARTERS, FANS, & -SUBSCRIBERS! YOUR OPINION MATTERS SO LEAVE IT!

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