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How to Access the Internet via Email

Although it may seem strange title of this article is something you can do and is very easy, if for example you are on a computer in your work where you are restricted to browsing the Web or have a BlackBerry with a plan where you only have hired sending and receiving email and not web browsing, then this tool will serve you much, I found on Lifehacker and originally called Web2PDF, is a service that converts to PDF any web page, similar to PDFmyURL but Web2PDF has an option that lets you receive via email a web page to read it, its operation is as follows:

  1. Send an email to the address [email protected] in the subject field, write whatever you want and the message, type only the URL address of website you want to receive by email.
  2. After a while you will receive a return message with an attachment in PDF format, the file is the web page inside the PDF

The downside of this is that it took me almost 4 minutes to receive the return mail with the PDF page, I hope that over time improve the service and faster.

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