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How the Apple iPad Works

iPad is a small computer, or tablet, which at first was developed for reading electronic books, ebooks, but it also lets you watch movies, listen to music, store images, type text, access networks and Wi-FI 3G mobile phone and an infinity of things. iPad belongs to same family as the IPod and IPhone which led everyone to think he would have an astronomical price, but the promise of Apple is that the final product price is between $ 499 simpler version with 16 gigabytes of memory and $ 899 full version with 64 gigabytes of memory and Wi-Fi and 3G, cheaper than the iPhone at the time of its release. To complete see below for latest images and videos of the new star of Apple, the iPad.

Steve Jobs presenting his new creation, the iPad.

The iPad:

IPad da Apple

Video of the official presentation of the Ipad:

Video with the comments of those involved in the production of IPad with demonstration of some of its features:

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