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How have motivation in practice!

Motivation is not something that can be expected of persons, firms or conditions that are around us, motivation, or rather self-motivation is something that comes from within ourselves and makes us live and act unconditionally.

Motivation is having reasons to act!

Motivation is nothing more than having reasons to act! That’s right, when we are filled with motivated reasons that make us act, we have attitudes that lead to a result.

Any reason to act? To live? Do you have something you want to achieve? Some person? Some title perhaps?

The truth is that we all have reasons to act, ie, we have reasons for action, we have motivation! The problem is that when things start to not happen the way we want most people, instead of focusing on your goals, is just complaining and crying like the guy or ciclano tried to disrupt their plans and then with the excuse it was too difficult to perform and give up seeking their goals. But it is precisely at such times, we must remember that difficult is not impossible, so it can be done, but it takes a little more dedication than we thought it would take at the beginning! However, when we achieve something that is more difficult you can not deny that we value and taste of victory, when it is hard, has a very special treat!

But how do I stay focused on my motives and not on the problems that stop me while I go in the direction of my motives?

Well, you have provalvente goals in all areas of your life, you might want to buy a new home? Maybe a new car? Spend more time with your family? Taking better care of your health? Maybe you want to conquer a new position in the company? A new job? Attend college? Make a big trip? Or maybe your goal is to know God better! I do not know what, but I know they are there and only you can know what is most important to you, so I say that it is self-motivation, because their goals are and no one else! All you need is to concentrate your efforts on what you want to achieve and not on what you try to mess up!

What I usually do every year is the beginning of what I put on paper all my goals to live and conquer in this next year that God allowed me to know, and if He let me finish this year I want to finish it with the best possible trophies that are my goals.

So I divide my goals thus:

  • Family: Book Sunday to be with my family and have fun.
  • Health: Practice exercises 3x a week, sleep 8 hours a night and feed me properly.
  • Professional: Sell 15 cars per month and create a relationship of friendship with my clients.
  • Material: Buy a “Ferrari” and buy a new home in the “Success Garden”.
  • Intellectual: Read a book every two months on sales, relationships, psychology etc.
  • Spiritual: Knowing God.

So let this list always in a place visible to me or put a reminder on my phone to wake up to every two months, so I’m going, I read my goals again and analyze what has already managed to achieve and what strategies have to be used to attain that still can not. Besides, every time I have a big problem, or think about quitting, and I will look at my list and I stop the commitment to myself that I took to make this year the best year of my life!

Usually has worked! Try and soon you will not remember most of what it was like to be someone unmotivated…

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