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Hair Care Tips

The reasons are many hair care much for women as for men, but women certainly need more care and treatment than men in general. Even that has become the concern of everyone and the same intensity, what changes is the way to care for and treat them, as this varies greatly for each type of cut and hair. But to keep them beautiful, bright and well-hydrated is necessary some precautions that should be done with ourselves, obviously for those with long hair good hydration is essential to alleviate the common problems that arise over time in long hair.

This week my woman received some hair salon business cards and she went to a salon to learn more about hair care. The woman in salon said that the first care should be done in the shower when you wash your hair, do not rush to apply the shampoo, wet the wires for the product to react perfectly in all parts of the wires, and remove some debris that we have contact during the day as eg dust and waste products. Wash your hair, then release the locks, massage your head spreading all the shampoo and after that rinse to remove all the hair product. Later pass the conditioner in a controlled way and never overstated and is ideal for long hair is one tablespoon, one teaspoon for medium and one tablespoon of coffee for the short, greasy hair can get even worse with the conditioner so just pass on the tips, the resected need this product to the tips of the half.

For those who do not reject the iron or brush before performing this procedure in the hair, rinse and hydrating spray a silicone tip to avoid damaging the wires from the excessive heat of the appliance. For those who have trouble combing their hair, be patient and pass the comb through locks, so we taking all the hair and not causing them to fall or break the tips if you would a cream to ease, make good use of them but still pass the comb carefully and without haste. For those who want more volume, give a good shake in the wires up and down, throw the wires to the sides making a charm, so they will be in disarray and more bulky it will not be straight but more messy.

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