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Fireplaces and wood stoves: Do not put your home at risk of fire

According to experts, the most obvious preparation to start the fire or stove is to have your chimney swept by a reliable company. Although it depends on the number of fires that light, your chimney should ideally be swept once a year. This usually cost around £ 50 / $ 100. The fall and winter will naturally be your busiest time, so the beginning of the year you can register them, the better.

The Professional Association of the United Kingdom of chimney sweeps say that, on average, 30,000 houses have chimney fires each year, and that most insurance companies will no longer pay on claims made due to chimney fires, except of which have been professionally scanned and have a valid certificate of sweeping.

Experts also recommend that proper care is taken of your chimney, because if the fire department is called to a chimney fire and it can be proved that the chimney was not properly maintained, you can be charged for the call by local authorities, and it can reach £ 2,000 / $ 4,000 per team called.

One more check to make sure you have a wood burning or multifuel appliance is to ensure that all seals are intact and undamaged. If these seals are used or not close the door properly, the fire will burn less efficiently.

If the fire has also firebricks, they must be checked regularly to ensure they have not strayed since these are necessary to protect the outer layer of the furnace. If they collapsed or eroded it will significantly reduce the life of your appliance.

With rising fuel costs, there has also been a considerable increase in the number of people who have wood stoves and fireplaces to complement your central heating. It is important to remember, if you’re burning wood that is well seasoned and hard wood, not wet. In the case of wood of oak in particular, they must have been quenched by more than a year. The difficulty with burning unseasoned wood is that you then get a higher level of tar and creosote building up in your chimney, which is not beneficial for the maintenance of your fire. The heat output is also considerably lower.

Finally, experts suggest that if you have a gas fireplace, it is essential that you get it serviced once a year, and I recommend that you regularly check your home alarms of fire and smoke detectors.

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