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Find everything you want in Google

Today I will talk a bit about Google, the best search engine and how to find exactly what you need through it.

Google is a fantastic search tool, not only search but all the services it proposes to offer. When we get on google, put the phrases that we want and we are hoping he will return exactly what you’re looking for. The fact is that not always look for the right terms.

I’ll try to explain how to search terms that return really what you seek.

The first question one should ask is:

What I’m looking for?

We will quote here as an example, The importance of ozone layer in humans

What we seek is relatively simple, and any search will return a relevant result. But what terms you seek? Many people seek the complete phrase, which is not entirely wrong. Google has improved its search engines for this type of search is understood and interpreted by bringing the best results to the user.

Refining the search, the right would be looking for just the core content, which is the most important part of the sentence. In our case it would be importance of ozone layer

Thus the search would return something far more interesting than a study that encompasses the entire sentence. The secret of all is to understand what you’re looking for, and remove the most articles, prepositions, leaving only words that have their own meaning and that together form the real importance of your search.

Now just use your creativity and find everything you want.

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