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Download Phone Disk to use on your iPhone, iPad Touch or iPod as a hard disk for free until December 1

Some time ago I wrote about a Phone Disk application that lets you explore the contents of your iPhone, iPad Touch or iPod from Windows Explorer or the Finder of Mac OS X, which mentions that the company that developed it was offering free until Sept. 1, now have postponed the date to December 1, so if you have an iPhone, iPad Touch or iPod and want to use as an external Hard Disk, you have to download Phone Disk before 1 December.

On the download page of Phone Disk are includes the serial number that will serve to activate Phone Disk free. iPhone 5 Jailbreak

Usually Windows or Mac computers can detect an iPhone or iPod touch as a device that synchronizes through iTunes, with Phone Disk installed computer can detect the IOS device “disk mode” so you can view the contents your phone’s folders and files, and you can use storage space as if it were a portable hard drive, and best of all is that you need to Jailbreak your device to work.

Link to download Phone Disk http://www.macroplant.com/phonedisk/.

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