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Do you think it’s possible to live your life how you want to?

Often we repeat certain popular clichés unconsciously, without stopping for a moment to think about the meaning of words and phrases being uttered, let alone the consequences of indiscriminate use of such in our lives.

I often hear, even from people who are supposed to be treading a path of self-development, phrases such as: “The road to success is hard”, “you have to work hard to get what we want,” or “nothing is achieved without sacrifice. ”

On the surface such sentences may not seem harmful or evil. However, we must remember that our conversations often reflect our beliefs, whether basic or deep (beliefs roots). The phrases we emit are only clusters of syllables that create sound vibrations. Most importantly however are the frequencies generated by these vibrations, frequencies created by our thoughts, feelings and emotions, which are nonetheless forms of energy more powerful than we can imagine.

The beliefs we host, whether obtained during the present life, or encoded in our cellular memory, are reflected in our thoughts, our emotions, feelings and ultimately in our everyday language. The reality we experience is simply the end product of this network of energy that is constantly emanating from our being.

No word we speak or thought we produce is in vain; each produces a result. Every movement of energy that produces a reaction began in electromagnetic fields around us, including our physical body. Therefore, it is obvious that we must pay close attention to this aspect that most people neglect due to lack of essential knowledge.

The moment you believe and declare, for any reason, that “the path to success is hard” or “no gain without sacrifice”, you are literally creating rules for your personal reality and limiting their chances. It’s like if you shut the doors to other possible variations, focusing only on the difficulties and obstacles.

When a client or student comments that I have been trying to for years, but finds it difficult to overcome their limitations, calm the mind, attract better circumstances, the first thing I do is to help you eliminate the beliefs that are associated with processing difficulty. I ask: “why have to be difficult? Whoever said change must be tough? Where is that written? About thee unto this rule?”

You have two choices in life dear reader; create your own rules and follow the rules of others. A practitioner of Dynamic Transformation learns to create the “script” of his personal reality and will not be limited by the rules of people who can not control their own lives.

Hypnosis exists on many levels and can happen anywhere, not just in the office of a certified professional. When you hear someone “regurgitate” negative concepts and feels bad, feels fear, doubt, or is influenced by such opinion, you are literally being hypnotized by that person. She is stronger than you and dictating rules limiting who can seriously hamper your life. In the U.S. itself created the term “toxic people” to identify these individuals.

The only way to immunize people against toxic influences of the media, and negative beliefs of society at large is through self-observation and control over your thoughts. And I can assure you that it is pretty easy, just requires a bit of training and discipline. Who says it is difficult not know how to do it the right way or is trying to fool you.

From now on, observe and correct your thoughts. If someone tells you that something is difficult or impossible, tell yourself: “I do not live in the same reality that you and I do not accept their beliefs or rules.” It’s thinking like this that some people can do the “impossible” and do very well.

Now, what is impossible or difficult? You decide. YES, you have this power.

Starting today, start any task or work with absolute conviction that the whole process is simple and easy. Be write a book, compose a song, paint your house or studying for an exam. If a thought comes to your mind limiter, reverse it immediately. For example, if you think, “I do not think I can finish this report on time,” change the thinking to “finish everything quickly and easily.”

Test for himself and only then you may find that we are dealing with a practical science, not a speculative philosophy or popular belief. Never believe what I say, but prove to yourself the reality of their personal power.

After a few days of practicing this routine self-observation and transformation of thoughts, your life will become easier, things will flow more to their favor, and, what is more important, your self-confidence will increase.

Always remember: The “path” for personal transformation is easy if you have the right techniques. The inner change does not require years of sacrifice. There, in many cases can be instantaneous!

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