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Dj tutorial, mix lesson 1 for the beginner!!!!!

A disc jockey or disc jockey (DJ or dee jay) is a professional artist who selects and runs the most different compositions previously recorded for a particular audience, working content and diversifying his work in radio frequency modulated (FM) a ballroom dance floors, clubs, nightclubs and discos.

Disc Jockey has been and is used to describe the figure of the first radio announcer who introduced and played gramophone records, DJ Equipment then the long play, later laser compact disc (CD) and currently employ the use of the mp3. The name was soon shortened to DJ. A contamination caused mainly by the popularity of the group in 95 Snuff, where vocalist Dinho, in imitation of the Northeast, pronounces the abbreviation DJ, that way. Today, given the numerous factors involved, including the composition chosen, the target audience, the playlist, and development through the manipulation of sound, there are different types of DJs, and not all drives actually use, some may play with CDs, with other laptop (with software emulating), among other means. There are also those who mixam sounds and videos (VJ), merging its contents to work at the time of the musical. There are, however, a wide range of denominations to classify the term DJ.

www.djtutor.com hi, this is basicaly my phillosophy behind the pitch. I am trying to explain how it works and trying to give a comparison with the speed of two cars.It’s easy when you know how , but if you dont know how it can be a night mare. For hundreds more dj tutorial vids go to djtutor.com practise and n joy!

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