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Caring for bonsai

Plants are, without doubt, means of therapy or hobby for many people, and decorating the place they are present. There are countless types of plants that can grow, the diversity of species gives us the option to choose those we like, those who give less work, more florid, are all plants that suit every taste. With so much of Japanese influence in the West, besides food, we adopt another custom was the cultivation of bonsai, which are small trees that are cared for properly cut and always keep their shape and size that impress people.

Caring for bonsai is not as difficult as some people imagine, take only twenty minutes of your day and your bonsai will be well cared for. For its size, the bonsai is easily transported and can be placed in various places of the house, but this environment where it will remain to be near a window that hit the morning sun is weakest, the most ideal would be a balcony, do not put on appliances. Do not be carrying your pot with the bonsai, find an environment that he can develop and let the quiet, turn up the pot every three months.

Watering the bonsai is essential to keep it well maintained, ideal time is when the sun’s rays are weaker, so pour it in the morning or late afternoon daily, not to overdo it does not soak it. Pruning should be done according to plant growth, retains its original shape and cut the branches that will grow and emerge over time, the pruning of the canopy is very important.

If your bonsai is with wires, so stay tuned and see if it is not cutting the bark from the branch, if necessary to remove the wire, cut it with pliers appropriate, try to progress may harm your bonsai or from any branch. The pot of bonsai requires fertilizers and should be applied every fifteen or twenty days. Do not allow pests and diseases will lodge in your bonsai, the maintenance done every thirty days prevents this problem. And finally, do not let your bonsai near other plants because it is a small tree that needs different care.

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