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Beauty is a product of photoshop

My school project =) And I’m a girl so sttop calling me a HE all in the comments 😛 [and I’m not the woman in the video] Songs 1. Aliyah – resolution 2. Lindsay Lohan – that girl 3. Christina Aguilera – beautiful Because i’ve got so many requests here are some tutorials you could use to smooth her skin tutorial: www.lunacore.com to change her eye color: www.lunacore.com to download the fake eye lashes and hair brushes www.deviantart.com on the left side you see the button download if you push on it you download the eyelash brush.. and after you downloaded it you open at photoshop brushes there you can download new brushes ,, so you pick the eyelash brush.. I put each eyelash ona new layer so I can easily transform it ctrl+T Good luck! ^_^

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