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Aromatic Essences

Aromatic essences are liquid chemical compounds like oils and have a pleasant scent that perfumes the whole environment. They arise from the aromatic oil, made with the plant hormone, and many believe they have removed the lifeblood of the plant and use the essence when this force is transmitted to the environment, a goal would very much like the incense. What differentiates the original essences is that they are made up to 60% of aromatic oil, this is the main characteristic that distinguish them, the others are just artificial formulations of these essences.

The essential oil for the manufacture of the product is extracted from wood, seeds, flowers, leaves, fruits, roots, bark and thorns of the plants, completely natural, being extracted from nature for the manufacture of essences. Are marketed worldwide, particularly in countries that follow a more spiritual culture such as India, Thailand, Japan, among others.

These products are used for the manufacture of aromatic essences are also used for the manufacture of cosmetics and other products that are part of our daily routine. The essences are several and each one has been referred, they are wormwood, rosemary, lavender, musk, angelica, anise, rue, balm, benzoin, chamomile, cinnamon, camphor, clove, lemon grass, fennel, eucalyptus, lotus honey, mint, myrrh, opium, frankincense, orchid, patchouli, rose, sandalwood, verbena, violet, and many other scents that please many people. The types are similar to those of incense, aromas that usually has all the incense is also in essence, what changes is the way it is used, but the aromas and goals are the same.

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