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Antidepressants Foods

Many people seek different ways to dispel the sadness of his life, for you looking for some means other than parties or other distractions that might not please you or that works only for a moment, got a tip that few people know but several studies have proven to work. In addition to tours, to day-to-day, doing physical exercises that you like, meet friends and relatives or do anything else you like, browse add some antidepressants foods in your meal, these foods can change your amazing mood and sadness, depression and other negative feelings that you are hurting because of this, a poor diet cause dismay in many people, which is very common in society today.

Carbohydrate foods are great to improve our moods, foods that contain tryptophan because it increases the production of neurotransmitters that are several, but those responsible for our mood are serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine, are they convey the feeling of well being and pleasure to the brain, and thus may reduce depression and ward off the blues. Consider foods high in carbohydrates, but remember that if taken in excess can cause a significant weight gain, so it is important to the accompaniment of a dietitian to ensure you do not overdo the intake of this substance because the main sources of carbohydrates are candy or food is not as healthy as a drumstick, pizza, among others. And with the consumption of sweets is the increase in blood glucose, which is very dangerous for some people who have problems related to it.

Besides these two substances containing foods, there is also vitamin B6 can be found in cereals, bananas, tuna and sesame seed. For this reason, cereals and bananas are highly recommended at the breakfast, because they give more encouragement to people who usually eat them earlier in the day and very bad for those who eat at night. Foods containing selenium also help a lot in the mood, and is found in fish, nuts, walnuts, wheat and almonds. Foods such as beans, spinach, asparagus, oranges, apples and soybeans are also highly recommended for this purpose because they have folic acid, which is one of the vitamins that ward off depression. However, none of them are miraculous or instantaneous, so it is important that you add these foods in your daily meals so as to obtain a good result with the passage of time.

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