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A little about cloud computing

Many people have probably heard… other people do not know what it is, but cloud computing has been a subject well studied and invested by large companies such as Google.

The idea is for everything to become abstract to us users, so we can have the feeling of being in the clouds, where all we want is there and ready to use. Where it is also possible mobility and you can access everything you want from anywhere, without worrying about how or where such information is obtained in the cloud.

Currently have a computer at home, often in high throughput that do not even know, and we left there without using even half capacity. The fact is that most of us do simple tasks such as editing texts, using orkut, msn, access email, download photos, etc..

Computers sold in the market today have low price and a process that often goes beyond what you need… With the Internet, you have various facilities available to them and only need a simple connection to be able to enjoy the benefits.

Google has invested heavily into the idea that we will not need more computers with high processing capacity and also storage. The idea of cloud computing you need only an Internet connection and a browser in order to use the resources they normally use on your computer, such as text editors, image, chat, orkut and many other services ..

Now just wait to see if this idea will materialize. Remember that many of these services already exist such as the “online office” from google, where you have a text editor, spreadsheet… all online and anywhere.

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