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5 More Places to Buy Joomla Templates

joomla-logoLast week we posted an article about where to find joomla templates. After being roundly smacked about by our readers for leaving out some of the larger (and popular) Joomla template design websites, we’ve decided to try and redeem ourselves with yet another article about finding quality Joomla Templates.

Like we said earlier, a well-made template is the foundation for a good website. If the template doesn’t include the right code for proper SEO, then it’s going to make life difficult later. This is as true for Joomla as it is for WordPress, or Drupal. That is why we recommend sourcing out premium template companies that you can rely on.

Using a template isn’t cheating! There is no use reinventing the wheel with each new design. Start with a good Joomla template and then you can use your precious design time to customize the template to suit the needs of each individual website you make.

To help you find the best template resources, we present 5 More Places to Find Joomla Templates.


RocketTheme offers a Joomla Template Club that features access to professional templates with over 80 Joomla designs, access to the Member Forums and Labs Bonus Variations, and video tutorials. According to their website they are the longest running and best known template club in the joomlasphere. Memberships cost from $50 – $90 for personal use or $300 per year for developers.


JoomlArt has a template club, a magento club (for ecommerce sites), an extensions club, and a developers club which offers unlimited downloads of their Joomla templates and extensions. Prices range from $59-$499 depending on your needs. JoomlArt also has forum that can be accessed at no charge. Currently the club offers 65 templates, with another 20 on the way, that are compatible with Joomla 1.0 and 1.5.


JoomlaBamboo creates very clean-loking Joomla templates that feel open and modern. The club offers 44 Joomla templates with subscriptions ranging from $40-$195. They’ll even install Joomla and the template on your server if you’d like for an extra $59.


JoomlaShack provides high quality templates and comprehensive free Joomla education. They sell individual templates or upgraded templates with extra options for developers and range from around $40-$199. All of their designs are 1.5-native, but usually work with Mambo or Joomla 1.0 as well. Be sure to double-check before downloading. Their help forum and Joomla tutorials are free.


The YOOtheme club is a template and extension provider for Joomla. With their club-based business model, members can use any template from the collection to design their website. They also have access to the support forums and template upgrades during their term of membership. YOOtheme has three levels of membership ranging from about $55 – $355. Members

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