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3 Unique Ideas In Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

The wedding shoes used in the marriage must be chosen very carefully. You’ll spend long hours standing and therefore should feel comfortable with them. Therefore it is important to choose a comfortable bridal shoes and follows the model of the dress, like flower girl shoes, so you do not arrive at the end of the party with sore feet.

The wedding shoes, in general, are the color of the dress, lined in fabrics like silk, satin and chantumg, or the same material or fabric chosen by the stylist for the wedding dress.

Let us help you choose the best shoe for your type of dress:

1. For Long Dresses:

As they appear very little, you can order paper with the same fabric as your dress shoe you’ve used and knows what is comfortable. But for this model should be classic, like a chanel or scarpin. Not because it will not show you will wear a shoe without a heel, a short hop always gives a better posture. But if you’re petite, no use hoping to cash in a very high heel and move all the party praying for it to end soon!

2. For shorter dresses (above the heel):

In this case, the shoe will also compose a new look, so you should buy a model according to your dress. Regarding the heel, you can even use a lower, 3 or 4 cm, if the model’s dress permitting of course!

3. For short dresses (above knee):

For dresses, you have to sacrifice a little comfort for the benefit of a better posture. The heel 5 is ideal, but not too uncomfortable and the model can be kid or varnish. Remember, your shoe will be much in evidence in this case.

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